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Handmade The First Avenger Captain Ameriica Shoes

Captain America


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Captain America is practically the manifestation of the lofty ideals of democracy, freedom, and an indomitable spirit dedicated to protecting and upholding that freedom. This is an unfathomably lofty and noble set of ideals for anyone looking to fill in his shoes. Luckily, with the First Avenger Shoes, you could embody at least some of these ideals and serve as an inspiration for everyone else to follow suit.

These shoes are also perfect if you are planning to be as fit as the First Avenger. While you might not hit the physical records that is mostly standard for Steve Rogers, you could at least be worthy of jogging alongside him, although you definitely have to do your best to try to keep up to him.

Get the First Avenger Shoes and let everyone know that like the good Captain, you value freedom and upholding everyone's right to it, because it is the right thing to do.



  • Cotton Wool, Alpaca, Hemp, Flax, Silk, Water


  • Nylon, Polyester, Rayon, Spandex, Liquid Resins, Thermoplastic fused Yarn

Fitted with Digital Light Synthesis Soles

This product is made of high-quality lithe and lightweight materials made by cutting-edge tech that combines composite fibers and fused yarns. More than 90% of this product is recyclable. The entire upper shoe was knitted completely with fused yarns and were bound to a 3D-printed sole produced by a method called Digital Light Synthesis (DLS). DLS is a lossless sole-printing method pioneered by Silicon Valley’s Carbon which uses a combination of light, oxygen and programmable liquid resin that creates soft, resilient soles that add significantly to comfort and style.

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